Honeymoon in India. Ch. III – Udaipur, Rajasthan, lake of rooftop royalty

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It was hard to leave Hampi after so short a stay.  Our alarm clock that morning at 6am was a symphony of drums coming from the temple, as practitioners lit small rafts of offerings on fire and floated them down the river in an exquisite morning ritual.  From Hampi we headed back to Goa before taking a quick flight to Udaipur in desert region of Rajasthan.  In keeping with our tradition of travel difficulties on the trip, our train ticket was never purchased by our host’s friend, whom thought he could get us a deal.  Poor Shailesh had to drive out and get us and then bring us back to Goa, but the trip over the rural countryside was well worth the time.                                                                                  Udaipur is a shining old world city, which sits on the shores of a lake built by a Sultan of the 1300’s.  It was our first taste of an Indian city, with the constant motion and tight urban quarters.  Still, we found folks to be friendly for the most part, and the architecture and lake views where quite wonderful.  The place reminded me of an   M.C. Escher painting, with something new and intriguing around every turn.


Honeymoon in India, Ch. II – Hampi, the Jungle Book

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From Goa our next stop was Hampi, an ancient grouping of temples about 8 plus hours into the interior.  We took a sleeper bus there and awoke in an amazing place, where nature, animal, and religious beauty all swirled together in a harmony that I have never experience elsewhere.  We only had one day, but it was an amazing one.  I could have been the heat, exhaustion, or beginnings of the gastro intestinal disorder that would plague us the rest of the trip, but I have never experience a place that pulsates with such magic.

Honeymoon in India. Ch. I – Trial by fire

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In March 2016 my wife Meredith and I took our six week honeymoon trip to India and the Philippines.  Both places had been on our list for a lifetime, and no better time to try then with some wedding money.  It was a wonderful time full of thrills, chills, and spills.  Our first major challenge we faced together was before we even left.  New regulations made our visas unavailable and we had to go from Boston to the Indian embassy in Manhattan for two days, and then back to Boston to fly out.  We where understandably upset, and didn’t even have much for winter cloths with us and very little money for spending on hotels and food in NYC. Still we never took it out on each other, and being together made everything that much brighter.

When we finally did leave the States, our first destination was Goa, a sun drenched stretch of tourist beaches along the West coast of the country and bathed in the Arabian Sea.  Only 24 hours after taking off from Boston we where there.  There wasn’t one thing I saw on the entire trip that wasn’t photo worthy for one reason or another, so I have tried my best to find the most expressive ones.  I only wish I could have made a documentary


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It’s an interesting state of affairs when someone that spends most every weekend preparing food for weddings gets married themselves, but that was just the situation I found myself in this year. It made the entire summer feel like a romantic comedy, and luckily it feels like a happy ending. Being part of the massive wedding industrial complex you worry that your own wedding might feel less special, and that all of it might just feel like another day at the office. Quite the contrary, it was a rare insight into what couples must be going through as they plan their festivities and deal with family, while still enjoying the time from now till then. In our case everything worked out fine, whit abundant sunshine, good friends, and a great start to our lives together. I hope it is the same for everyone, and we will always try the best we can to make weddings special for our clientele. Here is a little of what went on that week






Summer Fun

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I try to make it a point to play as hard as I work, which is plenty of incentive to work.  We got out to a few nice locations this year, and luck enough you don’t have to travel far in this region.  Down to Jersey early on, out to Ogunquit Maine in July, then down the interstate to Saratoga Springs in August.  I went back to Jersey for the fifth year of Chowder Fest in October, only to see it canceled by a hurricane.  All in all the weather was beautiful all summer, and some of the best time I spent was simple driving through this magnificent state, Vermont.


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I love doing weddings, and that put to the test this season for sure.  We did 14 weddings this year, including my own, but that’s a different story.  We met all kinds of folks and saw some great new parts of Vermont along the way.  Our business is more than 30% weddings now, and with more to come in the next year.  Here are some of the pictures we got this year


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I have aspired to garden forever.  I was lucky enough in Colorado to have a huge garden for the kitchen, as well as Alma, the macrobiotic gardener to work it.  I used to love just sitting among the plants, grazing as I pleased, following insects as they went about their day.  It was very biblical, garden of Eden type thing.  Moving around for years I had little time or access to a garden space.  Even apartments I had provided little room or had to much shade.  Our new place has a huge garden plot, almost farm worthy, with plenty of sunshine all day.  There was lots of overgrowth that needed cutting out and such, but it was a joy to work the land in the spring sun.  The whole thing is a learning experience, and I never expected to be an expert right off the bat, or even successful, but I was pleasantly surprised by the triumphs and failures that occurred.  Next year will be even better for sure