Honeymoon in India. Ch. III – Udaipur, Rajasthan, lake of rooftop royalty

It was hard to leave Hampi after so short a stay.  Our alarm clock that morning at 6am was a symphony of drums coming from the temple, as practitioners lit small rafts of offerings on fire and floated them down the river in an exquisite morning ritual.  From Hampi we headed back to Goa before taking a quick flight to Udaipur in desert region of Rajasthan.  In keeping with our tradition of travel difficulties on the trip, our train ticket was never purchased by our host’s friend, whom thought he could get us a deal.  Poor Shailesh had to drive out and get us and then bring us back to Goa, but the trip over the rural countryside was well worth the time.                                                                                  Udaipur is a shining old world city, which sits on the shores of a lake built by a Sultan of the 1300’s.  It was our first taste of an Indian city, with the constant motion and tight urban quarters.  Still, we found folks to be friendly for the most part, and the architecture and lake views where quite wonderful.  The place reminded me of an   M.C. Escher painting, with something new and intriguing around every turn.


~ by fireandknives on March 2, 2017.

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